Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

Daily Bible Reading - February 7

Leviticus 19-21

As we read in today's chapters, we see the law regarding idols and acts regarding following them and their practices.  It seems that the theme running through these is to be true to God and to follow His commands - to stay clear of giving any part of your self to the false gods.  As we move on to the miscellaneous laws, note again the thread of doing the right things in the sight of God.  There is no law mentioned that does not bring honor and glory to the LORD.  We are to live each and every aspect of our life in a pleasing sense to the God of all creation.  Concerning the regulations of the priests in chapter 21, note how they are set apart to serve in many regards.  Do you remember reading how we are to consider ourselves as living sacrifices and our bodies are to be God's temple?  See how many comparisons you can draw from reading this passage in connection to how we see ourselves in light of the New Testament church.  The rule of thumb stands - The Old Testament prophesies and New Testament fulfills.  Let me know what you think.

Stand Firm,